SCS feat. Khafre Jay, N​-​Depth - Unity 101

from by SCS

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Verse 1 (SCS):
A nation divided against itself can’t stand
Frustration the situation’s gotten so outta hand
Can’t continue to be conned by duplicitous behavior
While a traitor like Trump touts himself as our savior
So let’s dump the chump and quit hating on Mexicans
Or jumpin’ to conclusions based on someone’s melanin
We’re sisters and brothers of different hues and colors
Appreciating one another’s roots and cultures
We can ill-afford to resort to in-fighting
People uniting so much more exciting
Can’t coexist in asynchronous dissonance
Collaborating cross-cultures possibilities limitless
Stress or good behavior, success or failure
Now more than ever, the future we can tailor
The time’s come to graduate spiritual pre-school
Let’s learn to live together or we’ll perish as fools!

Chorus (SCS, Khafre Jay, N-Depth):
Martin Luther King, yeah he had a dream
And today’s problems require we work as a team
With trust, unity, strength and compassion
Love another’s culture, big up interaction (x2)

Verse 2 (Khafre Jay):
I’m from Hunters Point, it ain’t no meltin’ pot, to each they own
Respect is shown grown from differences
Flowin’ through our sentences
Apprentices of common sense to value each and every one
That ish is grimey but the streets can teach a veteran to walk it kindly
To seek and preach to reach behind me
To get helpin’ little kiddies in cities to speak it blindly
I tell ‘em ‘bout the powers that’ll separate the people, put the brown on the bottom, pass laws to make it legal
They’ll have you hate your own people if you let ‘em
My image’ll be the weapon to get children regressin’
Now we lookin’ down on people and oppression
Love the oppressor ‘cause all this money keeps us fresher
Brothers is dying ‘cause all they want is us on some stretchers
So they can prove to others how they said that brown was lesser
Yeah, we come together give a voice to the cause
Stompin’ down supremacy and these fake-*** laws – it’s time to go


Verse 3 (N-Depth):
Picture me younger, me and my mother on the MUNI bus
Everybody starin’ and lookin’ up in disgust
It was like somebody farted and didn’t know who it was
My mother convinced me that there was beauty in us
Made it to the back, it was 100 percent black
In fact we didn’t feel like we were bein’ under attack
With my school books over my lap, I had a chance to observe and react
Asian and Caucasian and then us in the back
So now I learned my people’s place in the world and on the map
Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. it’s a wrap
It’s a trap – just like Return of the Jedi
Everybody clap for the U-N-I-T-Y
Yes the odds are stacked up and you will not see why
Unless you stop the hate in your heart and learn to be kind
Kickin’ it with the homies S-Class and Khafre
This is a sip of that real, next glass is on me



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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