The Federal Reserve, pt. 1

from by SCS

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Verse 1:
It was November 22nd, 1910
At a New Jersey train station in Hoboken
Seven powerful men took a journey in stealth
Representing a whopping quarter of the whole world’s wealth
They headed southbound in their own railway car
A thousand miles down the coast – those days pretty far
To Jekyll Island right off the Georgian State
Their destination: the JP Morgan Estate
Not even their servants were to know their identities
This nefarious affair shrouded in secrecy
One of their ringleaders was Senator Aldrich
Powerful Wall Street ties, the Republican Whip
He had Tons of Investments with JP Morgan
But his son-in-law had Rockefeller origins
Rival banking families, they sure were quite clever
Decided to make more money they were gonna band together

Listen to the story of the Federal Reserve
How the world’s richest men kicked us all to the curb
They met secretly to form a banking cartel
And effectively told us we could all go to hell
To money and power these men were all addicted
Pulled off the biggest heist that's ever been committed
That’s why we gotta, share and spread this message
And salvage what’s left of our financial wreckage

Verse 2:
But Senator Aldrich wasn’t the only man on the mission
No he had six other men there along with him
The Assistant Secretary of the Treasury was there too
His name Abraham Piatt Andrew
Henry Davidson and Charles Norton joined them
Oh and Benjamin Strong – all at the behest of JP Morgan
A William Rockefeller rep is next on the list
President of National City Bank: Frank Vanderlip
He’s a key reason why we know what happened now
As he was the one who wrote almost everything down
So add him in and our total is six
Now let me think, who else did I miss
Well without him this whole quest woulda been absurd
As he masterminded the theft: Paul Warburg
A European fellow who seemed kind of mild
Representing his powerful family and the Rothschilds


Verse 3:
No question whatsoever that these thieves were bold
To summarize their secret meeting, it had five goals
The first one pondered by this ill think-tank
Was to curb competition from the newer banks
Next was form an entity – notice rules bending
That could create money from nothing for the purpose of lending
Beyond unscrupulous truth be told
Zero wish to fully back their money with gold
Number three: consolidate their reserves and funds
And protect themselves from currency drains and bank runs
Goal 4 how to maximize profits
Get taxpayers to pay for their inevitable losses
As one of the core truths of their base crime
They could never repay all their clients at the same time
A Ponzi Scheme you could easily dub it
Last goal: convince Congress they were protecting the public



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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