School's In Session

from by SCS

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S-Class is back
First Day of School
S-Class is back
Richland Records
S-Class is back
S-Class now is in session

Verse 1:
Feelin’ elated so glad u made it
S-Class is back this moment long-awaited
Articulate with the wit and the gift to make it lit right quick so just sit right back
And just marinate as thoughts elevate, these golden state phrases wise like some mages
Rappers’ claims these days, yo they straight outrageous
Recycling their rhymes like yellow pages
Which is why for their kind I have no patience
Like an MD straight outta med school
Toting just a degree
Believe u me that this CD from this MC
Will prove to be a great one : wayne gretzky
And I sincerely hope it packs a punch
Other rappers elementary mom packs their lunch


Verse 2:
Before u go ahead and face your day
Friendly reminder our nation’s in straight decay
Greed and corruption have taken over
Gamblin' with our futures like they playin’ poker
Definitely not the time to sit on our hands
Meanwhile rappers still yappin’ ‘bout rubber bands
Perpetuatin’ ideals that are deleterious
Poppin’ bottles in the VIP are u serious ?
Cars, clothes and dough played-out subject matter
Our nation's up in flames who cares ya dress dapper
That’s why I’m bringin' hip hop with a purpose
With contents inside that are hot like a thermos
Using words (nouns and verbs) as battering rams
Sour becomes sweet like raspberry jam
Cuz the tides have gotta be reversed period
Now scoot I don’t want ya ta miss the first period


from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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