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Verse 1:
No matter how dismal at times thing may seem
You’re gonna have to navigate your way downstream
Or upstream as the case may be
Overcoming plenty of obstacles & difficulties
But the greater the challenge the greater the glory
So listen up while up while I break down a little story
Happened to a good friend of mine, call him Rory
Member of the “down on his luck” category
Now in Rory’s life the light was looking dim
Felt like the world’s cards were stacked against him
Lost his job, bills stacked up,
Lost his car, close friend shot
Lost his kids, Lost his wife
Couldn’t handle anymore, thought he’d take his own life
But before partaking in that fatal mistake
He assessed the situation and pumped the breaks
Made the choice to confront his problems head on
And he just managed to quadruple his income
Wife ’n’ kids are back and his friend held on
I guess it’s always darkest right before dawn

Breathing, needing to escape the mire
Seeking with meaning, seizing the fire
Believing, achieving, reaching higher
Unleashing your talent to the world entire (x2)

Verse 2:
When the going gets tough the tough get going
If life was Easy Street then ya wouldn’t be growing
Experiences incomplete then they wouldn’t be molding
Keep pushin’ to the beat and soon you’ll be floatin’
Knowing that the dues paid made you
Noting that the dreams you had came true
Knowledge and wisdom comprise your worldview
And any doubters you can just show them to
The door, la sortie, la salida
Word is bond – Iceland to Ibiza
You’re a keeper of the faith yeah a self-leader
Confident yet with a humble demeanor
Two qualities worthy of admiration
And together they form a lethal combination
Cuz sometimes the sum’s greater than its parts
And when you make it they’ll say I knew that kid had heart



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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