Prison For Profit

from by SCS

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Verse 1:
Our government pays private companies
To design build and run correctional facilities
Can someone please tell me this is all a bad dream
Where government guarantees fulfill this obscene scheme
A per prisoner price attached to every head
Stipulates that they'll try and fill every single bed
The more people in jail, the more money they gain
Directly profiteering off of human pain
So where do they come from – these foul corporate thugs
Well the 1980s saw the war on drugs
Our prison system it was strained in due course
So what did we do – well we chose to outsource
Not just medical and food – the entire operation
Of our slammers led to privatization
Incarcerate more to increase revenue
It’s modern day slavery – deja vu

Prison-for-profit – such a twisted game
Bodies for dollars – that’s how it’s played
Modern days thugs – wearin' suits and ties
Out to lock up more people and watch their profits rise (x2)

Verse 2:
Not gonna name names, oh wow yes I will
Cuz we need to know who receives these wicked deals
Corrections Corporation of America
They’re the private prison market leader
GEO Group – company number 2
Human suffering specialists, yup that’s what they do
3’s Community Education Center
I bet you anything you couldn’t invent a
More ironic name – how ‘bout the house of pain
Simple and plain things will never be the same
When a body in a cell’s equivalent to a sale
More earnings per share, yup that’s what it entails
And their lobbying groups push for tougher laws
To ensure more Americans stay behind bars
Not only lobby for laws – hell, they write ‘em too
Documented dealings with the ALEC Group


Verse 3:
If the preceding’s made ya feel ill-at-ease
Then ya don’t want wanna know how they treat detainees
Get ‘em in, lock ‘em up like they’re commodities
Incentived to try and throw away the key
Families they’re missin’ with no pot to piss in
No health care and no nutrition
Even the most basic human rights get denied
People dehumanized ta make profits sky high
The water’s green too bad you’re thirsty
And by the way you got no right to an attorney
Here’s some rancid meat – hey how’s that taste?
For dessert a guard’ll punch you in the face
Or how bout confinement for some alone time
The punishment doesn’t fit the purported crime
What did they do to deserve such imprisonment
Did you forget we too descended from immigrants?



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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