Pay 'Em No Mind

from by SCS

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Verse 1:
The fact of tha matter is we all got our own ambitions
Some electricians others musicians
Some beauticians still others physicians
While some like to cook food that’s delicious
So if any pill comes up n tries t'impose their will
Just ignore ‘em or use these words to make ‘em stop still
Did u say something or am I dreaming
Last time I checked I'm an autonomous being
What’d it be like if we were all cut from the same cloth
An enormous snorefest make me wanna doze off,,
Imagine if everyone wanted to do the same thing
One word comes to mind: boring
Astound ‘em by being able ta stand your ground
Show ‘em u didn’t just come here to mess around
Ya only got one body rotatin’ round the sun
It’s a losing proposition to try and please everyone

Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
They wanna tell you who to be – pay ‘em no mind
They wanna tell you what to feel – pay em no mind
Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
They wanna tell you who to be – pay ‘em no mind
Rest assured you’ll get yours – in due time

Verse 2:
Couldn’t speak till 4 or read till 7
Expelled from school but went on to teach lessons
Labeled handicapped but later won the Nobel Prize
You may of heard of him: Albert Einstein
“Too stupid to learn anything,” they told another
A thousand failures, didn’t throw hope in the gutter
Fired a couple times for being unproductive
Thomas Edison needs no introduction
Next was told he couldn’t speak or read
That he better wash dishes, insults malicious
Went on to star in Hollywood and Broadway
I’m talking about Sir Sidney Poitier
This one wasn’t recognized in her lifetime
Introverted recluse, liked to use slant rhyme
Wrote eighteen hundred poems, less than a dozen got published
Emily Dickinson, the legendary poet


Verse 3:
Opinions are like noses, everybody’s got one
Dreams are like diamonds, very few find ‘em
The whole world’ll gladly tell you what u should do
But the only one whose view really matters is you
See yourself playin’ in front of an away crowd
All that noise you gotta drown it out
Heed your inner-voice and your inner-voice only
Best to act boldly to find your way to the trophy
See yourself succeeding in your mind
With your passion and purpose gotta get aligned
A few steps down your path and I'll bet you’ll find
That heaven and earth start to intertwine
Precisely why you should keep your head to the sky
While others act petty – junior high
With your belief in self and seeing it through
There’s no telling you how much you can do



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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