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Never-ending suffering time limit’s exceeded
The jig’s up let's eject these evil elitists
Vile child labor – water levels depleted
Babies dying, yet management's conceited (x2)

Verse 1:
Analyzing Nestle, where to begin?
The sinister Swiss multinational giant
Water a necessity we can’t do without
Extracting California's supply despite our drought
Sucking seven hundred five million gallons a year
Regardin' scarcity, they couldn’t be more cavalier
Siphoning San Bernadino and selling outta state
Even though their permit expired back in ’88!
They're wicked with our water beyond the Golden State
As they’re hurting our friends who live by the Great Lakes
Drying’ up Lake Michigan 200 gallons a minute
While poison’s purveyed to the citizens a Flint
Peter Brabeck – the human parasite
Their chairman said water’s not a universal right
Financially vested to try and cause a collapse
Create a waterless future straight outta Mad Max


Verse 2:
Another area where they’re causing’ mass misery
Is in chocolate – a hundred billion dollar industry
Kids wield machetes to crack open cocoa pods
Sometimes 100 hour weeks – working like dogs
West Africa's where this child labor is mined
With over 2 million kids in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire combined
Hazardous work in the sun on the savanna
Some say youngsters like the work – are you bananas?
Hauling heavy bags and burning the fields
No time to go to school just working for meals
Hernias, back pain with cuts and scars
Toiling away for the board and Nestle’s corporate czar
Some sold as slaves in neighboring countries
Human trafficking – ain’t nothin’ funny
Hersheys, Mars, Cadbury also counting profits
While most a these kids never even tasted chocolate


Verse 3:
Feed their formula for free to babies in hospitals
Until their reliance on it’s virtually biological
And when the mom ’n' baby go home they get bad news
The price for substitute – it's through the roof
The baby now malnourished ‘cause they can’t afford it
Even if it survives then its growth’ll be thwarted
Thousands a infants sans breastmilk’ll die today
While Nestle execs just look the other way
Baby corpses on their hands – no problem, fine
As long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line
Nestle’s track record – nothing short of destitute
When it comes to their marketing breastfeeding subsitutes
Mix the formula with H20 for preparation
But water’s often subjected to contamination
Their sadistic sales model now in full throttle
As mom’s gotta buy the water in Nestle’s plastic bottles



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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