Man's Best Friend

from by SCS

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Whatever happened to being man’s best friend?
How did pit bulls get odds stacked against them?
Victimized by the media’s sensation
With misinformation, lies, mischaracterization

Verse 1:
Now for those of you still really stressin'
Perk your ears up I got a history lesson
Bulldogs and Terriers were bred in England
Brought here to protect livestock, women and children
Friendly, brave, hardworking and loyal
They played an integral role on American soil
One famous pit was Sergeant Stubby
World War I hero, Army 103rd Infantry
Back then not frowned upon for heredity
But adored by top people of the day – scholars, celebrities
Fast-forward to today and the breed’s much maligned
Despite themselves being victims of malicious crimes
Nevertheless they prove themselves to be trusted
Look at the success story of Jonny Justice
A tough luck pup picked up from Michael Vick
He inspires kids to read and helps the terminally sick


Verse 2:
The second verse is here to debunk some lies
The lame-stream media loves to editorialize
First myth is that pits have locking jaws
That logic’s filled with mad shocking flaws
In any veterinary journal, you can easily read
No such thing as jaw locking in any breed
Second myth pits' bites are strong as sharks or gators
Whoever invented that’s a real fabricator
‘Cause science actually has quantified the movement
Their bites are only twice as strong as humans
Third myth is that they’re bred to be vicious toward people
You can see through that lie like the eye of a needle
‘Cause as a person you’re hardly in danger
It’s why they’re bad guard dogs, they’re friendly to strangers
Fourth fable defends foul acts of ear cropping
Cruelly cutting up these four breeds – like tail docking


Verse 3:
There’s more ignorance that’s sweeping 'round the nation
It’s total BS: Breed Specific Legislation
Targeting dogs for just appearing like the breed
Makes me wanna knock politicians out - Apollo Creed
What’s wrong with BSL, there’s a laundry list
Costly, ineffective, unethical – what else did I miss
Raising your pup up, training with great conviction
But since she looks like a pit, then you face eviction
Or she’s back in the yard for a little play session
Cops can shoot her in the head simply claiming aggression
The madness doesn’t even come close to stoppin' there
Estimates: a million pits are put down each year
You don’t have to be a math whiz to understand
Those numbers are ridiculously out of hand
So let’s all make sure we don't continue to fail
And keep playin' out this god awful betrayal



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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