SCS feat. SJay - Let's Connect

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Let’s connect
Sick a sendin’ text after text
Let’s connect
Got no time for special effects
Let’s connect
Whether in Qatar or Quebec
Let’s connect
A better future we can architect (x2)

Verse 1 (SCS):
There’s no question that you live life little
If you spend all your time staring at pixels
In other words you’re living trife
If all you’re worried about is Instagram and Facebook likes
Man, socially we’ve clearly regressed
It’s like attending a black tie dressed in sweats
So let’s not obsess on virtual identities
Better to spend quality time with our friends and families
Our outside world infinitely complex
Wading in ones and zeroes, I quickly get vexed
Cuz when you crunch the numbers it’s insane
The time spent on TV, social media, video games
There’s a world a wonder waitin’ outside
So why would I wanna watch paint dry and let time slide
Inside ’n' wallow in retrospect
Mejor to meet up in the real world let’s connect


Verse 2 (SJay):
They say the future connects
But I been feelin’ so alone
We used to live life on earth but now we livin’ on our phone
And I ain’t here to judge bro, I’m in the same zone
For the one who never sinned should throw the first stone
The one who never sinned should carry on on his own
Cuz we all ain’t perfect
But we can change man it’s worth it
About time we say no to the inner serpent
Cuz we losin’ touch of genuine connection
So many social medias that I can’t even mention
And I’m not sayin’ that they’re good for nothin’
All I’m saying is there’s more to talk than just to push a button
Cuz you gotta realize, outside is where your life lies
A lot of us stay plugged and then our life dies
You say you ain’t addicted, you been lied to
Cuz when your phone dies, my brother, you know that you died too



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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