Housing Crisis

from by SCS

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Verse 1:
From HP to the Haight, Sunset to the Mission
From greedy landlords to crooked politicians
From Geneva Avenue to the Golden Gate Bridge
Our city’s fast becoming a playground for the rich
Utterly clueless to the city’s history or fabric
Ask any local, the situation’s tragic
Billionaires like Ron Conway all up in the mix
How many square miles in the city, he said there were six
Nah Ron there’s 49 just ask Santa Clara
This techie takeover marks the end of an era
Real people with roots steadily getting displaced
At least now I can buy a ten dollar cupcake
Nothing sweet, no matter how ya slice it
If you’re not rich ya get the short end of the stick so
“Hit the bricks quick, slick” is what they’re telling me
A wicked two tiered system: elite & the peasantry

Double-double, toil & trouble
The city burns, technology bubbles
They’re ushering in new firms non-stop
What happens when that bubbles goes pop (x2)

Verse 2:
An influx of tech bros in luxury condos
Noses glued to cell phones guarded like ponchos
Cold shoulder no courtesy to even say hello
A techno hell hole devoid of any soul
If u talk to me like I belong to a lower caste
I’ll smash your demi-tasse right through your Google Glass
Do yourself a fava and show some respect
Lest when they see your face rest assured they’ll swipe left
I’m blessed and not just gonna blame the techies
As lotsa responsibility falls squarely on Ed Lee
Who as an attorney after UC Berkeley
Advocated affordable housing, oh the irony
But he paced the path paved by Newsome and Slick Willy
Repping big business not his constituency
Then he dropped the ball like Cam in Super Bowl 50
Now he’s cheating on his wife sleeping with Airbnb


Verse 3:
The city’s housing being sold to the highest bidder
This digital rush for gold apparently just glitter
Capitalism uncontrolled as developers snicker
Our city’s heart & soul is now cold & bitter
If you can’t write code for Dropbox or Twitter
Your time here’s borrowed and ya better consider
A brand-new zip code, no more city slicker
Maybe Kosovo, maybe something nearer
Affordable rents nothing short of a thing of the past
The middle class in the midst of a disappearing act
On the fast-track if you will to becoming artifacts
Need to find the escape route while being under attack
Imperative we break this class line that divides us
If not one day they’ll find us in the Academy of Science
As our rich / poor gap widens it makes me wonder
How our income inequality is on par with Rwanda



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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