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Infinite Divine never-ending design
The boundless spirit knows no confines
Yes the mind’s on time, but the heart is stronger
A paradigm shift can’t wait much longer (x2)

Verse 1:
As we first start growing from our original sphere
Our heart is the very first organ to appear
But Western thought’s proceeded ta drag it through the mud
As they taught us in school its only job’s to pump blood
Ancient civilizations they knew much better
Of our entire being they knew it was the center
A place of peace and harmony, divine connection
Had its own intelligence provided protection
Egyptian afterlife territories uncharted
Pharaoh’s hearts were guarded but their brains discarded
Yeah after death the mind succumbed to the knife
Staying centered in their hearts was their key to life
Now we’re just starting to understand why
Uncovering its true power, tryin' to clarify
How it is for so long it’s played second fiddle
Perhaps returning to our hearts can solve our present riddle


Verse 2:
With more gold than strewn across the whole earth
Understanding our heart’s paramount to our worth
In a quest for wisdom, it’ll quench your thirst
Don’t know which way to go, you can look within first
Accessing its faculties may at first seem elusive
But the heart and the mind aren’t mutually exclusive
In fact they do very well complement one another
The brain can be thought of as the heart's little brother
One way communication's a false assumption
The two can vastly improve each other’s function
Latter lending the former mental tranquility
Cognitive abilities. emotional stability
So what’s this gotta do with the bigger picture?
If we don’t figure this out earth might evict us
A mind-only mentality’s filled with fallacy
Heart’s here to help species survival strategy



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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