Give It All U Got

from by SCS

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Verse 1:
As a free lunch, well baby there ain’t no such thing
You gotta immerse yourself scuba, this ain’t no snorkeling
It’s not your first time at the rodeo, you're on the upswing
And you've never been the type to say things you don’t mean
You’re the real deal – you’re who you claim to be
Absolutely no ifs, ands or B-U-Ts
No time for the F to the A, K to the Es
Honing in, altering course by just a few degrees
It’s like on life you got a brand new lease
True definition what the game’s missing
That said you can’t afford to get caught drifting
As time is of the essence yes the plot’s thickening
And yes it’s obvious the clock is ticking
The very thought of hitting snooze to you it is sickening
Pure perservering proof is in the puddin’
Ask Nas it was written that you are winnin’

Bringin’ your best effort every single day
On the path to success there's just no easy way
You gotta give it all you got till you got nothing to left to give
Find your passion, build your strengths, accentuate the positives (x2)

Verse 2:
A meticulous manuscript in your mind’s eye
I confide my my – how high you’ll fly
You're ascending to never-before explored heights
To tally your triumphs they’ll need more scoreboard lights
A mighty fright for detractors tell ‘em night night
You’re quite right at Zeitgeist take a slight right
Pretty soon they’ll find themselves embark onto Mission
Lord only knows why they’d wanna be your opposition
Cuz tryin’ to test you they don’t stand a chance
Take ‘em to Colma, Lucky Chance
Undertake ‘em to Colma, ceremonial dance
Remember dark magic don’t work round here – necromance
It’s your life, your goals and your aspirations
Makin' sure you follow through, the one stipulation
This track is here for you if you need affirmation
Altitude acclimation, upwards migration


Verse 3:
Ya can’t just sit there and wallow in fear
Start at your goal and reverse-engineer
Ya really want it that bad you’ll surely get there
Enduring ups & downs no mal de mer
Stashin’ cash real fast for the next fiscal year
Advance reservations for the stratosphere
And I’m not talking about the Las Vegas attraction
The layer above the troposphere can you imagine
Vast victories that you’ll surely achieve
In yourself as you know, you gotta believe
But need to be pragmatic with a plan of action
Executecutable in stages without a distraction
Also helps to have a laser-like focus
Don't roulette table on us and wish on hocus pocus
With a strong work ethic and planning in advance
Your success is guaranteed, you’ll leave nothing to chance



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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