SCS feat. Cre8London - Don't Cry For Me

from by SCS

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Verse 1 (SCS):
Is my vision impaired or are these walls closin' in
My life once so bright but now the light’s getting dim
Opposite a Mike Phelps the way I’m swimming in debt
Vexed, perplexed, expect to bounce yet another check
Dreamt a suicide doors, now pray suicide’s not the door I choose
Denim ripped and faded maybe better pursue a career in the blues
Greenpeace intern with all these monkeys on my back
Anxiety attacks made me an Insomniac
But the fact remains can’t keep a good man down
Especially when said dude’s got his feet on the ground
Nowhere to go but up once you hit rock bottom
8 million stories a failure frankly all too common
Uncountable sums of money trickling up
To the uber-elite where it often gets stuck
But if I’m under duress best bet I’m gonna respond
Collaborating with Cre8 from across the pond

Chorus (SCS, Cre8London):
Don’t cry for me – striving for freedom climbing toward the apogee
Don't cry for me – I can handle the heat raised up a few degrees
Don't cry for me – love is free, love is my currency
Don't cry for me – I don't wanna pay to breathe, they're trying to make us pay a fee

Verse 2 (Cre8London):
Had enough a living in the sewers
Been saving up my money lookin' like I'm Jewish
This feeling of helplessness got me feeling useless
Last tool in the shed got me thinking stupid
Thinking out the box electric cut off can't afford the light
Can't afford the price, life what a morbid design
A pyramid scheme makes one more rich
And the bottom of the triangle the poorest
I'm about to forfeit this game I can't afford it
I’m twisted falling into the vortex
Beef on the street gets cooked like raw flesh
Was screaming for peace but all I see is more death
I want to reach for the sky but I’m clutching the floor steps
Knife wounds cut exposed in my Goretex
My heart got broken by touching the thorn's edge
Exorcised all my demons I'm training for core strength



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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