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Subsidies, tax breaks, loopholes, bailouts
We gotta put a stop to these government handouts
At the end of the day, yo we all gotta eat
Not just big corporations and Wall Street (x2)

Verse 1:
Make no mistake, the playin’ field ain’t even
Through corporate tax breaks, yup it’s thievin’ season
Big Pharma, Big Banks, yeah they’re all on the dole
And let’s not forget about Oil, Gas and Coal
Hedge Fund managers and Agro Business
As Taxpayers, yes, we all bear witness
To our hard-earned dollars straight footin' their bill
Man this corporate welfare scam is just so ill
Jobs get outsourced, less dough for schools and roads
as lawyers and lobbyists rewrite the tax code
Protecting trillions in tax havens overseas
Corporatocracy is a straight disease
That we gotta cut off straight at the root
We can’t just sit by idly while they continue to loot
Our nation’s coffers we can all be the author
Of a new chapter and avert disaster


Verse 2:
The Wall Street Bailout was beyond deceitful
Flat-out robbery of the American people
Original price-tag: 700 billion
Actual bailout cost: 16 trillion
Congress members threatened with Marshal Law
Told if they didn’t pass the bill, the sky would fall
B of A, Goldman Sachs amd JP Morgan Chase
The American people had to pay for their mistakes
And to top it off the banks didn’t even show remorse
Execs got bonuses, a real tour de force
More like tour de farce if you ask me
Morally bankrupt backstabbing depravity
But to rise up we have the capacity
If not legislators’ll keep livin’ lavishly
DC’s corruption we gotta clean it out
Cuz right now the fox is guarding the hen house


Verse 3:
Boeing, Alcoa, Intel and Dow Chemical
Get subsidized at state, local and federal levels
Corporations used to give thirty percent
In federal revenue, now it’s less than ten
Oligarchy, where we act as the prey
While wealthy elites simply have their way
Drafting legislation and getting it passed
Laughin’ all the way to the bank
But this ain't on the newscast
Cuz mass media’s owned by corporate giants too
Comcast, CBS, Disney – three of the few
Then Viacom, Fox and Time Warner
There’s three more to round out the order
So don’t be expectin' too many fresh perspectives
As their puppets all have their directives
To be protective and to keep the real truth hidden from us: the greater collective



from First Day of School, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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