First Day of School

by SCS

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released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SCS San Francisco, California

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Track Name: School's In Session
S-Class is back
First Day of School
S-Class is back
Richland Records
S-Class is back
S-Class now is in session

Verse 1:
Feelin’ elated so glad u made it
S-Class is back this moment long-awaited
Articulate with the wit and the gift to make it lit right quick so just sit right back
And just marinate as thoughts elevate, these golden state phrases wise like some mages
Rappers’ claims these days, yo they straight outrageous
Recycling their rhymes like yellow pages
Which is why for their kind I have no patience
Like an MD straight outta med school
Toting just a degree
Believe u me that this CD from this MC
Will prove to be a great one : wayne gretzky
And I sincerely hope it packs a punch
Other rappers elementary mom packs their lunch


Verse 2:
Before u go ahead and face your day
Friendly reminder our nation’s in straight decay
Greed and corruption have taken over
Gamblin' with our futures like they playin’ poker
Definitely not the time to sit on our hands
Meanwhile rappers still yappin’ ‘bout rubber bands
Perpetuatin’ ideals that are deleterious
Poppin’ bottles in the VIP are u serious ?
Cars, clothes and dough played-out subject matter
Our nation's up in flames who cares ya dress dapper
That’s why I’m bringin' hip hop with a purpose
With contents inside that are hot like a thermos
Using words (nouns and verbs) as battering rams
Sour becomes sweet like raspberry jam
Cuz the tides have gotta be reversed period
Now scoot I don’t want ya ta miss the first period
Track Name: Housing Crisis
Verse 1:
From HP to the Haight, Sunset to the Mission
From greedy landlords to crooked politicians
From Geneva Avenue to the Golden Gate Bridge
Our city’s fast becoming a playground for the rich
Utterly clueless to the city’s history or fabric
Ask any local, the situation’s tragic
Billionaires like Ron Conway all up in the mix
How many square miles in the city, he said there were six
Nah Ron there’s 49 just ask Santa Clara
This techie takeover marks the end of an era
Real people with roots steadily getting displaced
At least now I can buy a ten dollar cupcake
Nothing sweet, no matter how ya slice it
If you’re not rich ya get the short end of the stick so
“Hit the bricks quick, slick” is what they’re telling me
A wicked two tiered system: elite & the peasantry

Double-double, toil & trouble
The city burns, technology bubbles
They’re ushering in new firms non-stop
What happens when that bubbles goes pop (x2)

Verse 2:
An influx of tech bros in luxury condos
Noses glued to cell phones guarded like ponchos
Cold shoulder no courtesy to even say hello
A techno hell hole devoid of any soul
If u talk to me like I belong to a lower caste
I’ll smash your demi-tasse right through your Google Glass
Do yourself a fava and show some respect
Lest when they see your face rest assured they’ll swipe left
I’m blessed and not just gonna blame the techies
As lotsa responsibility falls squarely on Ed Lee
Who as an attorney after UC Berkeley
Advocated affordable housing, oh the irony
But he paced the path paved by Newsome and Slick Willy
Repping big business not his constituency
Then he dropped the ball like Cam in Super Bowl 50
Now he’s cheating on his wife sleeping with Airbnb


Verse 3:
The city’s housing being sold to the highest bidder
This digital rush for gold apparently just glitter
Capitalism uncontrolled as developers snicker
Our city’s heart & soul is now cold & bitter
If you can’t write code for Dropbox or Twitter
Your time here’s borrowed and ya better consider
A brand-new zip code, no more city slicker
Maybe Kosovo, maybe something nearer
Affordable rents nothing short of a thing of the past
The middle class in the midst of a disappearing act
On the fast-track if you will to becoming artifacts
Need to find the escape route while being under attack
Imperative we break this class line that divides us
If not one day they’ll find us in the Academy of Science
As our rich / poor gap widens it makes me wonder
How our income inequality is on par with Rwanda

Track Name: SCS feat. Cre8London - Don't Cry For Me
Verse 1 (SCS):
Is my vision impaired or are these walls closin' in
My life once so bright but now the light’s getting dim
Opposite a Mike Phelps the way I’m swimming in debt
Vexed, perplexed, expect to bounce yet another check
Dreamt a suicide doors, now pray suicide’s not the door I choose
Denim ripped and faded maybe better pursue a career in the blues
Greenpeace intern with all these monkeys on my back
Anxiety attacks made me an Insomniac
But the fact remains can’t keep a good man down
Especially when said dude’s got his feet on the ground
Nowhere to go but up once you hit rock bottom
8 million stories a failure frankly all too common
Uncountable sums of money trickling up
To the uber-elite where it often gets stuck
But if I’m under duress best bet I’m gonna respond
Collaborating with Cre8 from across the pond

Chorus (SCS, Cre8London):
Don’t cry for me – striving for freedom climbing toward the apogee
Don't cry for me – I can handle the heat raised up a few degrees
Don't cry for me – love is free, love is my currency
Don't cry for me – I don't wanna pay to breathe, they're trying to make us pay a fee

Verse 2 (Cre8London):
Had enough a living in the sewers
Been saving up my money lookin' like I'm Jewish
This feeling of helplessness got me feeling useless
Last tool in the shed got me thinking stupid
Thinking out the box electric cut off can't afford the light
Can't afford the price, life what a morbid design
A pyramid scheme makes one more rich
And the bottom of the triangle the poorest
I'm about to forfeit this game I can't afford it
I’m twisted falling into the vortex
Beef on the street gets cooked like raw flesh
Was screaming for peace but all I see is more death
I want to reach for the sky but I’m clutching the floor steps
Knife wounds cut exposed in my Goretex
My heart got broken by touching the thorn's edge
Exorcised all my demons I'm training for core strength

Track Name: Corporatocracy
Subsidies, tax breaks, loopholes, bailouts
We gotta put a stop to these government handouts
At the end of the day, yo we all gotta eat
Not just big corporations and Wall Street (x2)

Verse 1:
Make no mistake, the playin’ field ain’t even
Through corporate tax breaks, yup it’s thievin’ season
Big Pharma, Big Banks, yeah they’re all on the dole
And let’s not forget about Oil, Gas and Coal
Hedge Fund managers and Agro Business
As Taxpayers, yes, we all bear witness
To our hard-earned dollars straight footin' their bill
Man this corporate welfare scam is just so ill
Jobs get outsourced, less dough for schools and roads
as lawyers and lobbyists rewrite the tax code
Protecting trillions in tax havens overseas
Corporatocracy is a straight disease
That we gotta cut off straight at the root
We can’t just sit by idly while they continue to loot
Our nation’s coffers we can all be the author
Of a new chapter and avert disaster


Verse 2:
The Wall Street Bailout was beyond deceitful
Flat-out robbery of the American people
Original price-tag: 700 billion
Actual bailout cost: 16 trillion
Congress members threatened with Marshal Law
Told if they didn’t pass the bill, the sky would fall
B of A, Goldman Sachs amd JP Morgan Chase
The American people had to pay for their mistakes
And to top it off the banks didn’t even show remorse
Execs got bonuses, a real tour de force
More like tour de farce if you ask me
Morally bankrupt backstabbing depravity
But to rise up we have the capacity
If not legislators’ll keep livin’ lavishly
DC’s corruption we gotta clean it out
Cuz right now the fox is guarding the hen house


Verse 3:
Boeing, Alcoa, Intel and Dow Chemical
Get subsidized at state, local and federal levels
Corporations used to give thirty percent
In federal revenue, now it’s less than ten
Oligarchy, where we act as the prey
While wealthy elites simply have their way
Drafting legislation and getting it passed
Laughin’ all the way to the bank
But this ain't on the newscast
Cuz mass media’s owned by corporate giants too
Comcast, CBS, Disney – three of the few
Then Viacom, Fox and Time Warner
There’s three more to round out the order
So don’t be expectin' too many fresh perspectives
As their puppets all have their directives
To be protective and to keep the real truth hidden from us: the greater collective

Track Name: Rory
Verse 1:
No matter how dismal at times thing may seem
You’re gonna have to navigate your way downstream
Or upstream as the case may be
Overcoming plenty of obstacles & difficulties
But the greater the challenge the greater the glory
So listen up while up while I break down a little story
Happened to a good friend of mine, call him Rory
Member of the “down on his luck” category
Now in Rory’s life the light was looking dim
Felt like the world’s cards were stacked against him
Lost his job, bills stacked up,
Lost his car, close friend shot
Lost his kids, Lost his wife
Couldn’t handle anymore, thought he’d take his own life
But before partaking in that fatal mistake
He assessed the situation and pumped the breaks
Made the choice to confront his problems head on
And he just managed to quadruple his income
Wife ’n’ kids are back and his friend held on
I guess it’s always darkest right before dawn

Breathing, needing to escape the mire
Seeking with meaning, seizing the fire
Believing, achieving, reaching higher
Unleashing your talent to the world entire (x2)

Verse 2:
When the going gets tough the tough get going
If life was Easy Street then ya wouldn’t be growing
Experiences incomplete then they wouldn’t be molding
Keep pushin’ to the beat and soon you’ll be floatin’
Knowing that the dues paid made you
Noting that the dreams you had came true
Knowledge and wisdom comprise your worldview
And any doubters you can just show them to
The door, la sortie, la salida
Word is bond – Iceland to Ibiza
You’re a keeper of the faith yeah a self-leader
Confident yet with a humble demeanor
Two qualities worthy of admiration
And together they form a lethal combination
Cuz sometimes the sum’s greater than its parts
And when you make it they’ll say I knew that kid had heart

Track Name: SCS feat. SJay - Let's Connect
Let’s connect
Sick a sendin’ text after text
Let’s connect
Got no time for special effects
Let’s connect
Whether in Qatar or Quebec
Let’s connect
A better future we can architect (x2)

Verse 1 (SCS):
There’s no question that you live life little
If you spend all your time staring at pixels
In other words you’re living trife
If all you’re worried about is Instagram and Facebook likes
Man, socially we’ve clearly regressed
It’s like attending a black tie dressed in sweats
So let’s not obsess on virtual identities
Better to spend quality time with our friends and families
Our outside world infinitely complex
Wading in ones and zeroes, I quickly get vexed
Cuz when you crunch the numbers it’s insane
The time spent on TV, social media, video games
There’s a world a wonder waitin’ outside
So why would I wanna watch paint dry and let time slide
Inside ’n' wallow in retrospect
Mejor to meet up in the real world let’s connect


Verse 2 (SJay):
They say the future connects
But I been feelin’ so alone
We used to live life on earth but now we livin’ on our phone
And I ain’t here to judge bro, I’m in the same zone
For the one who never sinned should throw the first stone
The one who never sinned should carry on on his own
Cuz we all ain’t perfect
But we can change man it’s worth it
About time we say no to the inner serpent
Cuz we losin’ touch of genuine connection
So many social medias that I can’t even mention
And I’m not sayin’ that they’re good for nothin’
All I’m saying is there’s more to talk than just to push a button
Cuz you gotta realize, outside is where your life lies
A lot of us stay plugged and then our life dies
You say you ain’t addicted, you been lied to
Cuz when your phone dies, my brother, you know that you died too

Track Name: Give It All U Got
Verse 1:
As a free lunch, well baby there ain’t no such thing
You gotta immerse yourself scuba, this ain’t no snorkeling
It’s not your first time at the rodeo, you're on the upswing
And you've never been the type to say things you don’t mean
You’re the real deal – you’re who you claim to be
Absolutely no ifs, ands or B-U-Ts
No time for the F to the A, K to the Es
Honing in, altering course by just a few degrees
It’s like on life you got a brand new lease
True definition what the game’s missing
That said you can’t afford to get caught drifting
As time is of the essence yes the plot’s thickening
And yes it’s obvious the clock is ticking
The very thought of hitting snooze to you it is sickening
Pure perservering proof is in the puddin’
Ask Nas it was written that you are winnin’

Bringin’ your best effort every single day
On the path to success there's just no easy way
You gotta give it all you got till you got nothing to left to give
Find your passion, build your strengths, accentuate the positives (x2)

Verse 2:
A meticulous manuscript in your mind’s eye
I confide my my – how high you’ll fly
You're ascending to never-before explored heights
To tally your triumphs they’ll need more scoreboard lights
A mighty fright for detractors tell ‘em night night
You’re quite right at Zeitgeist take a slight right
Pretty soon they’ll find themselves embark onto Mission
Lord only knows why they’d wanna be your opposition
Cuz tryin’ to test you they don’t stand a chance
Take ‘em to Colma, Lucky Chance
Undertake ‘em to Colma, ceremonial dance
Remember dark magic don’t work round here – necromance
It’s your life, your goals and your aspirations
Makin' sure you follow through, the one stipulation
This track is here for you if you need affirmation
Altitude acclimation, upwards migration


Verse 3:
Ya can’t just sit there and wallow in fear
Start at your goal and reverse-engineer
Ya really want it that bad you’ll surely get there
Enduring ups & downs no mal de mer
Stashin’ cash real fast for the next fiscal year
Advance reservations for the stratosphere
And I’m not talking about the Las Vegas attraction
The layer above the troposphere can you imagine
Vast victories that you’ll surely achieve
In yourself as you know, you gotta believe
But need to be pragmatic with a plan of action
Executecutable in stages without a distraction
Also helps to have a laser-like focus
Don't roulette table on us and wish on hocus pocus
With a strong work ethic and planning in advance
Your success is guaranteed, you’ll leave nothing to chance

Track Name: The Federal Reserve, pt. 1
Verse 1:
It was November 22nd, 1910
At a New Jersey train station in Hoboken
Seven powerful men took a journey in stealth
Representing a whopping quarter of the whole world’s wealth
They headed southbound in their own railway car
A thousand miles down the coast – those days pretty far
To Jekyll Island right off the Georgian State
Their destination: the JP Morgan Estate
Not even their servants were to know their identities
This nefarious affair shrouded in secrecy
One of their ringleaders was Senator Aldrich
Powerful Wall Street ties, the Republican Whip
He had Tons of Investments with JP Morgan
But his son-in-law had Rockefeller origins
Rival banking families, they sure were quite clever
Decided to make more money they were gonna band together

Listen to the story of the Federal Reserve
How the world’s richest men kicked us all to the curb
They met secretly to form a banking cartel
And effectively told us we could all go to hell
To money and power these men were all addicted
Pulled off the biggest heist that's ever been committed
That’s why we gotta, share and spread this message
And salvage what’s left of our financial wreckage

Verse 2:
But Senator Aldrich wasn’t the only man on the mission
No he had six other men there along with him
The Assistant Secretary of the Treasury was there too
His name Abraham Piatt Andrew
Henry Davidson and Charles Norton joined them
Oh and Benjamin Strong – all at the behest of JP Morgan
A William Rockefeller rep is next on the list
President of National City Bank: Frank Vanderlip
He’s a key reason why we know what happened now
As he was the one who wrote almost everything down
So add him in and our total is six
Now let me think, who else did I miss
Well without him this whole quest woulda been absurd
As he masterminded the theft: Paul Warburg
A European fellow who seemed kind of mild
Representing his powerful family and the Rothschilds


Verse 3:
No question whatsoever that these thieves were bold
To summarize their secret meeting, it had five goals
The first one pondered by this ill think-tank
Was to curb competition from the newer banks
Next was form an entity – notice rules bending
That could create money from nothing for the purpose of lending
Beyond unscrupulous truth be told
Zero wish to fully back their money with gold
Number three: consolidate their reserves and funds
And protect themselves from currency drains and bank runs
Goal 4 how to maximize profits
Get taxpayers to pay for their inevitable losses
As one of the core truths of their base crime
They could never repay all their clients at the same time
A Ponzi Scheme you could easily dub it
Last goal: convince Congress they were protecting the public

Track Name: Man's Best Friend
Whatever happened to being man’s best friend?
How did pit bulls get odds stacked against them?
Victimized by the media’s sensation
With misinformation, lies, mischaracterization

Verse 1:
Now for those of you still really stressin'
Perk your ears up I got a history lesson
Bulldogs and Terriers were bred in England
Brought here to protect livestock, women and children
Friendly, brave, hardworking and loyal
They played an integral role on American soil
One famous pit was Sergeant Stubby
World War I hero, Army 103rd Infantry
Back then not frowned upon for heredity
But adored by top people of the day – scholars, celebrities
Fast-forward to today and the breed’s much maligned
Despite themselves being victims of malicious crimes
Nevertheless they prove themselves to be trusted
Look at the success story of Jonny Justice
A tough luck pup picked up from Michael Vick
He inspires kids to read and helps the terminally sick


Verse 2:
The second verse is here to debunk some lies
The lame-stream media loves to editorialize
First myth is that pits have locking jaws
That logic’s filled with mad shocking flaws
In any veterinary journal, you can easily read
No such thing as jaw locking in any breed
Second myth pits' bites are strong as sharks or gators
Whoever invented that’s a real fabricator
‘Cause science actually has quantified the movement
Their bites are only twice as strong as humans
Third myth is that they’re bred to be vicious toward people
You can see through that lie like the eye of a needle
‘Cause as a person you’re hardly in danger
It’s why they’re bad guard dogs, they’re friendly to strangers
Fourth fable defends foul acts of ear cropping
Cruelly cutting up these four breeds – like tail docking


Verse 3:
There’s more ignorance that’s sweeping 'round the nation
It’s total BS: Breed Specific Legislation
Targeting dogs for just appearing like the breed
Makes me wanna knock politicians out - Apollo Creed
What’s wrong with BSL, there’s a laundry list
Costly, ineffective, unethical – what else did I miss
Raising your pup up, training with great conviction
But since she looks like a pit, then you face eviction
Or she’s back in the yard for a little play session
Cops can shoot her in the head simply claiming aggression
The madness doesn’t even come close to stoppin' there
Estimates: a million pits are put down each year
You don’t have to be a math whiz to understand
Those numbers are ridiculously out of hand
So let’s all make sure we don't continue to fail
And keep playin' out this god awful betrayal

Track Name: Pay 'Em No Mind
Verse 1:
The fact of tha matter is we all got our own ambitions
Some electricians others musicians
Some beauticians still others physicians
While some like to cook food that’s delicious
So if any pill comes up n tries t'impose their will
Just ignore ‘em or use these words to make ‘em stop still
Did u say something or am I dreaming
Last time I checked I'm an autonomous being
What’d it be like if we were all cut from the same cloth
An enormous snorefest make me wanna doze off,,
Imagine if everyone wanted to do the same thing
One word comes to mind: boring
Astound ‘em by being able ta stand your ground
Show ‘em u didn’t just come here to mess around
Ya only got one body rotatin’ round the sun
It’s a losing proposition to try and please everyone

Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
They wanna tell you who to be – pay ‘em no mind
They wanna tell you what to feel – pay em no mind
Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
Pay ‘em no mind – don’t pay ‘em any mind
They wanna tell you who to be – pay ‘em no mind
Rest assured you’ll get yours – in due time

Verse 2:
Couldn’t speak till 4 or read till 7
Expelled from school but went on to teach lessons
Labeled handicapped but later won the Nobel Prize
You may of heard of him: Albert Einstein
“Too stupid to learn anything,” they told another
A thousand failures, didn’t throw hope in the gutter
Fired a couple times for being unproductive
Thomas Edison needs no introduction
Next was told he couldn’t speak or read
That he better wash dishes, insults malicious
Went on to star in Hollywood and Broadway
I’m talking about Sir Sidney Poitier
This one wasn’t recognized in her lifetime
Introverted recluse, liked to use slant rhyme
Wrote eighteen hundred poems, less than a dozen got published
Emily Dickinson, the legendary poet


Verse 3:
Opinions are like noses, everybody’s got one
Dreams are like diamonds, very few find ‘em
The whole world’ll gladly tell you what u should do
But the only one whose view really matters is you
See yourself playin’ in front of an away crowd
All that noise you gotta drown it out
Heed your inner-voice and your inner-voice only
Best to act boldly to find your way to the trophy
See yourself succeeding in your mind
With your passion and purpose gotta get aligned
A few steps down your path and I'll bet you’ll find
That heaven and earth start to intertwine
Precisely why you should keep your head to the sky
While others act petty – junior high
With your belief in self and seeing it through
There’s no telling you how much you can do

Track Name: Heart > Mind
Infinite Divine never-ending design
The boundless spirit knows no confines
Yes the mind’s on time, but the heart is stronger
A paradigm shift can’t wait much longer (x2)

Verse 1:
As we first start growing from our original sphere
Our heart is the very first organ to appear
But Western thought’s proceeded ta drag it through the mud
As they taught us in school its only job’s to pump blood
Ancient civilizations they knew much better
Of our entire being they knew it was the center
A place of peace and harmony, divine connection
Had its own intelligence provided protection
Egyptian afterlife territories uncharted
Pharaoh’s hearts were guarded but their brains discarded
Yeah after death the mind succumbed to the knife
Staying centered in their hearts was their key to life
Now we’re just starting to understand why
Uncovering its true power, tryin' to clarify
How it is for so long it’s played second fiddle
Perhaps returning to our hearts can solve our present riddle


Verse 2:
With more gold than strewn across the whole earth
Understanding our heart’s paramount to our worth
In a quest for wisdom, it’ll quench your thirst
Don’t know which way to go, you can look within first
Accessing its faculties may at first seem elusive
But the heart and the mind aren’t mutually exclusive
In fact they do very well complement one another
The brain can be thought of as the heart's little brother
One way communication's a false assumption
The two can vastly improve each other’s function
Latter lending the former mental tranquility
Cognitive abilities. emotional stability
So what’s this gotta do with the bigger picture?
If we don’t figure this out earth might evict us
A mind-only mentality’s filled with fallacy
Heart’s here to help species survival strategy

Track Name: Prison For Profit
Verse 1:
Our government pays private companies
To design build and run correctional facilities
Can someone please tell me this is all a bad dream
Where government guarantees fulfill this obscene scheme
A per prisoner price attached to every head
Stipulates that they'll try and fill every single bed
The more people in jail, the more money they gain
Directly profiteering off of human pain
So where do they come from – these foul corporate thugs
Well the 1980s saw the war on drugs
Our prison system it was strained in due course
So what did we do – well we chose to outsource
Not just medical and food – the entire operation
Of our slammers led to privatization
Incarcerate more to increase revenue
It’s modern day slavery – deja vu

Prison-for-profit – such a twisted game
Bodies for dollars – that’s how it’s played
Modern days thugs – wearin' suits and ties
Out to lock up more people and watch their profits rise (x2)

Verse 2:
Not gonna name names, oh wow yes I will
Cuz we need to know who receives these wicked deals
Corrections Corporation of America
They’re the private prison market leader
GEO Group – company number 2
Human suffering specialists, yup that’s what they do
3’s Community Education Center
I bet you anything you couldn’t invent a
More ironic name – how ‘bout the house of pain
Simple and plain things will never be the same
When a body in a cell’s equivalent to a sale
More earnings per share, yup that’s what it entails
And their lobbying groups push for tougher laws
To ensure more Americans stay behind bars
Not only lobby for laws – hell, they write ‘em too
Documented dealings with the ALEC Group


Verse 3:
If the preceding’s made ya feel ill-at-ease
Then ya don’t want wanna know how they treat detainees
Get ‘em in, lock ‘em up like they’re commodities
Incentived to try and throw away the key
Families they’re missin’ with no pot to piss in
No health care and no nutrition
Even the most basic human rights get denied
People dehumanized ta make profits sky high
The water’s green too bad you’re thirsty
And by the way you got no right to an attorney
Here’s some rancid meat – hey how’s that taste?
For dessert a guard’ll punch you in the face
Or how bout confinement for some alone time
The punishment doesn’t fit the purported crime
What did they do to deserve such imprisonment
Did you forget we too descended from immigrants?

Track Name: SCS feat. Khafre Jay, N-Depth - Unity 101
Verse 1 (SCS):
A nation divided against itself can’t stand
Frustration the situation’s gotten so outta hand
Can’t continue to be conned by duplicitous behavior
While a traitor like Trump touts himself as our savior
So let’s dump the chump and quit hating on Mexicans
Or jumpin’ to conclusions based on someone’s melanin
We’re sisters and brothers of different hues and colors
Appreciating one another’s roots and cultures
We can ill-afford to resort to in-fighting
People uniting so much more exciting
Can’t coexist in asynchronous dissonance
Collaborating cross-cultures possibilities limitless
Stress or good behavior, success or failure
Now more than ever, the future we can tailor
The time’s come to graduate spiritual pre-school
Let’s learn to live together or we’ll perish as fools!

Chorus (SCS, Khafre Jay, N-Depth):
Martin Luther King, yeah he had a dream
And today’s problems require we work as a team
With trust, unity, strength and compassion
Love another’s culture, big up interaction (x2)

Verse 2 (Khafre Jay):
I’m from Hunters Point, it ain’t no meltin’ pot, to each they own
Respect is shown grown from differences
Flowin’ through our sentences
Apprentices of common sense to value each and every one
That ish is grimey but the streets can teach a veteran to walk it kindly
To seek and preach to reach behind me
To get helpin’ little kiddies in cities to speak it blindly
I tell ‘em ‘bout the powers that’ll separate the people, put the brown on the bottom, pass laws to make it legal
They’ll have you hate your own people if you let ‘em
My image’ll be the weapon to get children regressin’
Now we lookin’ down on people and oppression
Love the oppressor ‘cause all this money keeps us fresher
Brothers is dying ‘cause all they want is us on some stretchers
So they can prove to others how they said that brown was lesser
Yeah, we come together give a voice to the cause
Stompin’ down supremacy and these fake-*** laws – it’s time to go


Verse 3 (N-Depth):
Picture me younger, me and my mother on the MUNI bus
Everybody starin’ and lookin’ up in disgust
It was like somebody farted and didn’t know who it was
My mother convinced me that there was beauty in us
Made it to the back, it was 100 percent black
In fact we didn’t feel like we were bein’ under attack
With my school books over my lap, I had a chance to observe and react
Asian and Caucasian and then us in the back
So now I learned my people’s place in the world and on the map
Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. it’s a wrap
It’s a trap – just like Return of the Jedi
Everybody clap for the U-N-I-T-Y
Yes the odds are stacked up and you will not see why
Unless you stop the hate in your heart and learn to be kind
Kickin’ it with the homies S-Class and Khafre
This is a sip of that real, next glass is on me

Track Name: Nestle
Never-ending suffering time limit’s exceeded
The jig’s up let's eject these evil elitists
Vile child labor – water levels depleted
Babies dying, yet management's conceited (x2)

Verse 1:
Analyzing Nestle, where to begin?
The sinister Swiss multinational giant
Water a necessity we can’t do without
Extracting California's supply despite our drought
Sucking seven hundred five million gallons a year
Regardin' scarcity, they couldn’t be more cavalier
Siphoning San Bernadino and selling outta state
Even though their permit expired back in ’88!
They're wicked with our water beyond the Golden State
As they’re hurting our friends who live by the Great Lakes
Drying’ up Lake Michigan 200 gallons a minute
While poison’s purveyed to the citizens a Flint
Peter Brabeck – the human parasite
Their chairman said water’s not a universal right
Financially vested to try and cause a collapse
Create a waterless future straight outta Mad Max


Verse 2:
Another area where they’re causing’ mass misery
Is in chocolate – a hundred billion dollar industry
Kids wield machetes to crack open cocoa pods
Sometimes 100 hour weeks – working like dogs
West Africa's where this child labor is mined
With over 2 million kids in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire combined
Hazardous work in the sun on the savanna
Some say youngsters like the work – are you bananas?
Hauling heavy bags and burning the fields
No time to go to school just working for meals
Hernias, back pain with cuts and scars
Toiling away for the board and Nestle’s corporate czar
Some sold as slaves in neighboring countries
Human trafficking – ain’t nothin’ funny
Hersheys, Mars, Cadbury also counting profits
While most a these kids never even tasted chocolate


Verse 3:
Feed their formula for free to babies in hospitals
Until their reliance on it’s virtually biological
And when the mom ’n' baby go home they get bad news
The price for substitute – it's through the roof
The baby now malnourished ‘cause they can’t afford it
Even if it survives then its growth’ll be thwarted
Thousands a infants sans breastmilk’ll die today
While Nestle execs just look the other way
Baby corpses on their hands – no problem, fine
As long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line
Nestle’s track record – nothing short of destitute
When it comes to their marketing breastfeeding subsitutes
Mix the formula with H20 for preparation
But water’s often subjected to contamination
Their sadistic sales model now in full throttle
As mom’s gotta buy the water in Nestle’s plastic bottles